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From Testing Labs to Supporting Black Communities, Wineries Continue Major COVID-19 Relief

“Napa winemaker Grant Long owns  brands AonairReverie and Misc. Wines, and for COVID relief, he’s rolling out a new project, with some proceeds going toward hunger relief initiatives: T.P. Reserve, a line of Chardonnay, Grenache and a red blend, each label adorned with the now (?) iconic (??) image of a single roll of that quarantine hygiene essential. “T.P. Reserve wines really came from trying to find a way to bring a slight bit of levity to a stressful time while also trying to be proactive as a small family winery,” Long told Unfiltered via email. “This is quite personal for me: Every night at home we go around the dinner table saying what we’re thankful for, and my son is always grateful for the food on his plate. So it was natural to choose the Napa Valley Food Bank as a beneficiary for these special wines.”


T.P. Reserve Wines

My second guest was winemaker Grant Long Jr. of a timely brand called T.P. Reserve Wine. He also owns Aonair Wine and Reverie Vineyard and Winery in Napa Valley. He was brought to my attention last week because of his response to covid challenges and their whimsical look at a problem most of us were experiencing. But his thoughtful, even sustainable business mindset is highly respectable. So there were two good reasons to have Grant Long on my show.

By the way, you’ll hear me reference a video Grant and his team produced. It’s short and rather humorous. As you’ll see, they put in quite an impressive effort to put a smile on our faces during these unfortunate times.  You can find it here.





Napa Winery Rolls Out Perfect Pandemic Wine

There is no better way to symbolize this than the recent new series of wines from Napa Valley winemaker Grant Long Jr, which put the most precious commodity of 2020 right on the front label. Anybody can have wine. But only the well-prepared, the tenacious and the wealthy can feel secure about their supply of toilet paper.

TP Reserve was created by Long much like paper mills create toilet paper itself: from spare parts. Long owns two wine brands – Reverie and Aonair – and consults for other wineries on making exactly this kind of pop-up wine brand when they have more wine than they know what to do with.

The marketing photos and video are hilarious – long walks through an Atlas Peak vineyard with toilet paper rolls “growing” on vines (excerpt).




T.P. Reserve Wines Arrive Unique Label for the Quarantine Life, with a Philanthropic Twist

Napa Valley, May 2020 – Winemaker Grant Long Jr. is introducing three Toilet Paper Reserve wines. “These are wines of the moment. We wanted to present something whimsical and delicious in these complicated times,” he said, in announcing the new wines. The wines are 2019 Chardonnay ($24.99), 2018 Red Wine Blend ($34.99) and 2018 Grenache ($24.99). The Chardonnay and Red Wine Blend are sourced in the Napa Valley; the Grenache comes from the El Dorado foothills.

Long, the owner and winemaker for Aonair, Reverie and Misc. Wines, among others, conceived the idea for a line of wines to put a smile on people’s faces. “It’s a bit of Americana, a light-hearted acknowledgement of the times we’re living through, something fun and playful,” he explains. 



TP Reserve Wine With Grant Long Jr.

This week on episode 283 of the We Like Drinking podcast we’ll be discussing Toilet Paper, New Mexico wine struggles, and we’re talking with TP Reserve winemaker Grant Long Jr, so crack open that beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking!

Our guest this week is the winemaker behind a set of 3 recently released wines bearing the unique tagline “We’re all in this shit together”. TP Reserve Wines is the triple-ply answer to your lockdown blues, with a chardonnay, a grenache, and a red blend, you’re bound to find a bottle you can get behind. Please help us welcome, Grant Long Jr.